Mines – Open cast

Ihobe International supplies the advanced range of  Dust Suppressants, Soil Stabilisers, Erosion Inhibitors, Rehabilitation Accelerants and Water Saving products to combat the aligning issues within the Open cast mining   industries.

The Mining industries have several areas of concern that Ihobe International are able to assist with. Mines continue to experienced difficulties and concerns with dust suppression and management. It is not only a concern for the health of the employees and environment more-soever a budgetary concern.

Mines need to maintain Haul Roads, Embankments, Stockpiles etc. safely with care for the environment and your back pocket.  Ihobe International can not only provide the product but ongoing technical support to implement and improve.

Ihobe International further supplies equipment to implement their product in a most cost effective manner.

Ihobe International supply a wide range of products and services to the opencast mining industry. We are are able to provide site specific solutions for:

  • Haul Roads
  • Unsealed roads
  • Car parks
  • Stockpiles
  • Large broad acre areas
  • Conveyor systems
  • Transfer points


The range of products has a number of benefits to our clients and also save money:

  • Money savings
  • Effective dust control
  • Reducing water usage (up to 40 per cent)
  • Less water cart hours
  • Improved road conditions
  • Reducing road maintenance
  • Increasing safety
  • Increasing truck tyre life
  • Reducing vehicle maintenance
  • Improving productivity

Cost Neutral

With all our projects, Ihobe International strives to save our clients money. In many instances, the benefits derived from product application  results in savings from reduced water cart and grader hours, reduced water usage and road maintenance

In addition, we supply technical support and  training to ensure correct application methods and to maximise results and savings.

The System

To further enhance products, Ihobe International offers a managed systems that include on-site service and management, operator training and reporting. Our systems include Pit-2-Port and the Haul Road Management System (HRMS).


Ihobe International offers a range of dust control solutions for Open cast mining industries

Ihobe International offers a range of dust control solutions for Open cast mining industries